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Sustainability is at the heart of all our projects. We provide environmental and sustainable designs for construction projects to comply with future home’s standards. We focus on the material used, waste management, and natural energy harnessing from Air, Ground, and water. Our designed buildings are completely independent of gas.

We won the RIBA sustainability award in 2018 for the Sekforde Pub development project.


Passive House is a construction concept, not a brand name. It stands for a building standard that is energy efficient, comfortable, and affordable. It provides paramount thermal comfort with very low heating demand.

Why Passivhaus?
  • No draught
  • No condensation or mould
  • No hot or cold radiant discomfort
  • Comfortable in summer
  • Fresh air always, even if you shut the windows
  • Quite, thick insulation, triple glazing, silent ventilation
  • Whole house warm, no room to room temperature difference
  • Fuel poverty eliminated
  • Green living without the hair shirt!

> > All by simply improving the build quality! < <

Green Industrial Revolution

The PM has announced around £4bn additional funding for the green economy.

We are focused on homes and public buildings to make them greener and more energy-efficient, Aligning ourselves with the plans for the Green Industrial Revolution.

“The government is targeting the installation of 600,000 heat pumps every year by 2028 to drive the shift away from gas boilers in homes.”

We won the RIBA sustainability award 2018 in for The sekforde Pub project. The story starts from here.

High-efficiency water source heat pumps have been installed to extract naturally occurring energy contained within the subterranean watercourse located three stories below ground level. The system also provides passive cooling which is captured, recycled, and stored.

The heat exchanger inside an ice tank at the basement of the Sekforde Pub as the featured design

Then, we recently completed a LEB Passivhaus aimed domestic building in Kensington, London. This was our next step towards the sustainability and Net Zero 2050 roadmap introduced by the PM.

We have brought all of the elements of a Passivhaus together in this project.

All construction types can achieve the Passive house standard, but the building form and other conditions will usually lend itself to one!

We have our new in-house Passivhaus designer and consultant who is also an Architectural Technologist and is helping us with the projects.