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Magnificent Basement carries out a full range of construction, such as New built, Prefabrication, Refurbishments and Basements.

New Built

Magnificent Basement carries out a full range of New Built construction, such as masonry, concrete, steel and timber structures.


Always interested in providing the most suitable solution for each project, we are investigating different innovative construction methods in order to propose to our clients.


We have designed and constructed, a variety of refurbishments for residential and commercial use. Our activities span from, interiors, to residential loft conversions and rear extensions, to listed building restorations. Through the years of our activity in this field, we have established a strong network of quality crafts & trades people, in order to meet the needs of every individual project.


We believe passionately in going underground!

Especially in the areas of high value of London, a basement development can add a substantial amount to the value of a home. An entirely new floor of accommodation can be created or even a whole new flat. This is especially important for growing families who do not wish to move or perhaps for people looking to sell and who wish to exploit a property’s full development potential. Carefully designed basements can be full of natural light. The space can be used very flexibly and may include additional bedrooms, nurseries, family rooms and media rooms.

Additionally, modern basements do not have an adverse effect on the street scene. Being underground their visual impact is minimal and often positive. Inside, a building can become grander and more imposing than before.

Basements occupy unused space in a way which is friendly to the environment. There is no need to concrete over England’s green and pleasant landscape if we properly use land that is already developed. All existing houses represent a “brown fill” site.

As far as overall stability is concerned, a basement can add to the structural integrity of a house. A building suffering from or vulnerable to subsidence can be made stronger by the installation of a basement.