Construction Consultant London - Construction Consultancy in London
Construction Consultants in London. Magnificent Basement have a Construction Consultants in London Offers construction and project management services across London. ☎ (+44) 20 8677 3212!
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Construction Consultant London

Construction Consultant London


Welcome to our construction consultant in london. We develop specific consultancies within the structural development of a project, such as:

  • Modeling and structural analysis of the project
  • Preparation of background information: structural drawings, calculation memories, technical specifications.
  • Interaction with independent structural reviewer for final validation of the project
  • Modeling and preliminary approximate project analysis for technical feasibility study, for example foundations in low quality soils or special conditions in general.
  • Conceptual engineering, structuring.
  • Diagnosis of structures.
  • Structural rehabilitation studies.


Our construction consultant in london aim to be protagonists in the evolution and development of structural engineering. We contribute to specify the execution of the projects required by our clients through solutions that ensure the good performance and constructibility of the structures. We work with a quality and cutting-edge service performed by a team that assumes the commitment of excellence, contributing to the progress of seismic engineering.


We are a company that provides structural engineering services oriented to the development of civil and industrial projects generating healthy and high performance seismic resistant structures, delivering integral solutions in a timely manner that reflect the understanding of the behaviour of the structural system.


Our construction consultant in london values respect among people, promoting a performance based on loyalty, innovation, perseverance. We direct our effort in the understanding and satisfaction of the client, delivering efficient and quality solutions. We promote continuous learning as a key tool in evolution, so please call our specialist team today for your consultancy.