Basement Conversion London - Basement Conversion Company in London
Basement Conversions in London. Magnificent Basement is a specialist in basement conversions offers basement conversions services at a reasonable price across London. ☎ (+44) 20 8677 3212!
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Basement Conversion London

Basement Conversion London


Turning your basement into an essential part of your home is an excellent way to use what can be an otherwise unused space. The work required will depend on the condition of the basement and size factors such as humidity and natural light. The height of the roof is also an important consideration. By having a basement conversion in london done, owners should be realistic when considering this and always seek professional advice first.

Evaluate the condition of your basement. Our expert team will take a good look in your basement. We’ll look for water, moisture, mildew and rot, and take note of any mould odour. These will have to be addressed in order to make a pleasant and healthy space.

We don’t leave anything to chance and will check the height of the roof in all parts of the ground floor, especially at the bottom of the basement stairs, which is often very low, especially in old houses. We can even check with your local building regs, as some may require a certain ceiling height for approved areas.

When thinking of having a basement conversion in london, we will consider the presence of all the plumbing and electrical accessories, and how much of this will require modification and updating of these would have to make a living space. Checking the size and condition of your fuse box or switch panel if it is in the basement is also important.

For a thorough, professional team to oversee your basement conversion in london, there are none better to call than us, so get in touch today.